Armada Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set

SKU: DA8100W

  • OFFICIAL SIZE - 18" x 1.5" ideal dartboard cabinet set for recreational and local competitive steel tip play
  • SELF-HEALING SISAL - Made with genuine bristle sisal that repairs itself after darts are removed from the board
  • WALL-MOUNT CABINET SET - Grey wood finish cabinet featuring dart storage, and two chalkboards with chalk and eraser
  • ROUND SPIDER WIRES - Allows darts to glide off the wire into the board, reducing bounce outs.
  • ROTATABLE METAL NUMBER RING - Prolongs the life of the dartboard

Product Overview

Designed to official size specifications of 18" x 1.5", this set offers a complete package for dart enthusiasts. The wall-mount cabinet, with its sleek grey wood finish, not only adds style to your space but also provides convenient dart storage, keeping everything organized and within reach. The two included chalkboards, along with chalk and an eraser, offer a practical way to keep score and track your progress. The round spider wires on the dartboard ensure smooth gameplay by allowing darts to effortlessly glide off the wire and into the board, reducing bounce outs and maximizing accuracy. Additionally, the rotatable metal number ring adds durability to the dartboard, prolonging its lifespan for extended enjoyment. As an added bonus, this set comes complete with six steel tip darts, allowing you to start playing right away.
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