Planning Your Perfect Patriotic Party

Who says you need a hefty wallet to throw a memorable outdoor party? With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can host an incredible gathering without draining your bank account. In this guide, we'll explore a variety of budget-friendly outdoor party ideas for the upcoming holidays that are sure to impress your guests without putting a dent in your finances. Your party is sure to end in fireworks with these great finds.

Cornhole Patriotic

Choose the Right Venue:

First, you must determine the venue you want to use for your gathering. After examining your budget, number of guests, and determining the vibe of your party, you're ready to consider your venue options. Cost friendly hosts might opt for a free or low-cost outdoor venue such as a local park, beach, or backyard. Public spaces often offer amenities like picnic areas, BBQ pits, and scenic views at no cost.

If hosting at home or event center, make sure to maximize your outdoor space by rearranging furniture or utilizing multi-purpose areas like patios, decks, and driveways. Choosing the perfect venue will be sparkling start of your event.

For the Backyard 4th of July Party:

Just imagine it: the grill cooking your crowd-favorite hot dogs and hamburgers, kids running around, laughter all around. Backyard parties in the comfort of your home have been popular and nostalgic forever. With the necessary equipment, your party will be as big and fun as the fireworks that happen at night fall.

What is a backyard party without cornhole? Cornhole has been an American staple and would be dearly missed if someone realized its absence. And what greater feeling than sinking a bean bag into the center of the board stealing three points for your team. Let's face it. The look on your opponent's face is priceless as well.

If you like cornhole in its simplicity, don't forget about horseshoes. Simply, try and get your horseshoes around the stake. With all of the fun you'll be having, you may want to rein it in if you want to win.

Patriotic Cornhole

To some people's dismay, cornhole is not everyone's favorite activity. Options are essential for parties, and as the host, you need to provide them for your guests. Racket sports are quick to learn and very straightforward. Setting up a badminton net in your back yard might be the most cost-effective and least difficult solution for your party. Your guests will be thrilled to participate in all the activities you have to offer, and will leave your event buzzing about all the fun they've had.

Planning your Patriotic Pool Party:

With the heat of summer, a party can go from hot to miserable quickly. The best way to counteract the heat is a pool party! If you have access to a pool or have one in your backyard, you can have the best of both worlds with your backyard extravaganza.

You only need a few extra items to give your party a cool down. Inflatable rafts are perfect for your guest who wants to remain cool, but still work on their summer tan. You can even get a multi-person raft for your friends who love to keep the conversation going. Some even come with built in cupholders.

The peacefulness and "loungability" of the pool might be quickly interrupted once the kids get their sunscreen on. To keep the kids from completely destroying the peace, you must implement something to keep them entertained and occupied. What better than a poolside slide? This is sure to keep them busy and provide them a whole lot of fun!


Lakeside Leisure:

If you have access to a lake or a lakeside cabin, you have to take advantage. Everyone will be calling your party "the party of the year". With more room than a pool, a lake provides endless adventures and memories. Your original backyard pool party can be easily transitioned to the lake with the use of rafts and slides, but there are other options available to entertain.

Paddle boarding is perfect for people of all ages and all skill levels. This versatile activity can be done standing or sitting based on your preference and confidence level. If you have animals that enjoy to be on the water as much as you do, the paddleboard might be the best place for them to be with you.


If you are able to go out on a boat, tubing might be the adrenaline rush you've been craving. Whether you go alone or with friends on a single tube or multiple person tube, tubing is guaranteed to be a blast. But don't forget to hold on!

While tubing is all about grip strength, waterskiing and wakeboarding takes skill and practice. You might need someone to teach your party goers how to dominate the wake, but its bound to create some fun and laughs.

With your activities creating fun for all, your party is bound to be a hit for all of your family and friends. Your party will help create memories that will shine bright forever.