Foosball: Ultimate Guide

As a kid, there was nothing I looked forward to more than the arcade. Whenever there was a birthday party, my mom was the first to RSVP for me. Your may be a fan of the basketball shootouts or the racecar games, but if the arcade was fortunate enough to have a foosball table, you better believe that I was gonna spend the entire three hour party at the table. 

Origins of Foosball:

Foosball, also known as table soccer, has a rich history that spans across Europe in the late 1800s. Foosball was patented in 1921 by Harold Seales from the United Kingdom, but didn't make its way to the United States until the 1960s and gained popularity in the 1980s. While foosball was beaten by arcade games like Pacman and Donkey Kong, foosball still has a long list of fans that enjoy the games classic appeal.


What is Foosball?

Foosball is a tabletop version of soccer in which players turn rods fixed on top of a playing box and attached to miniature figures of players in order to flick the ball and strike it towards the goal. Don't forget that this is a two person game! You need to get your ball past the other team's goalie. Set a number of goals to win and whoever gets there first, wins!

How to Play:

A coin flip will decide who starts with the ball. A ball is served by placing the ball in the center of the table or through the serving hole. Next step is simple, score the ball in the other team's goal and stop your opponent from scoring.  Whoever scores, the other player gets to serve. Play until someone scores the agreed upon points and a winner is crowned.

Choosing the Right Foosball Table:

So you've finally decided to invest in a foosball table for your game room in your home. I can admit it'd look pretty good next to your ping pong table or pool table, and coupled up with your dart board that Mom got you for Christmas last year.

When deciding on which table to purchase, you must first figure out your budget and how big or small you want your table to be. Consider your space as well. If your space is limited, going with a smaller table would be ideal.

Once deciding on your budget and size, you get to choose the style of your table. Do you choose a classic, wooden design? Or do you choose a more modern style? What about traditional looking soccer players versus robotic style players? Something else to consider are multi-game tables. Engineered to house multiple games, 4-in-1 tables are perfect for players who don't want to limit themselves to just one game. These are a great option for families who need multiple options to entertain their kids.


Whether you are a long-time fan of foosball or have just discovered a new passion for the game, foosball is a great activity for all ages and all skill levels. Foosball is a classic game made for all. Check out our entire line of foosball tables and accessories at