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July 6, 2018

Hyperloop Mania!

The term “trampoline ball” is sometimes applied to this new-age game and that is certainly a fitting description. Inspired by volleyball rules and principles, this four-player, 2-on-2 backyard game is wide-open – literally. The ball ricochets off the netting and it’s on. It’s a 360-degree version of volleyball that tests eyes, hands, footwork and wits. It’s also a great cardio workout and gets the competitive juices flowing!

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Object & Rules

If you’ve played volleyball, the object of this game is simple enough. Each team gets three hits in the bump, set, and spike model. In object and theory, the primary difference is that once the ball is served in Hyperloop, there’s no need – and virtually no way – to maintain the concept of “sides.” That is, each team can move around the circular netting as they please. The objectives are simple: Keep the opponent from returning your hits. Score points. There’s no rules on how hard you’re allowed to hit and very few rules in general.


Games are usually played to 11, 15, or 21. Rally scoring is used, so you don’t have to be the serving team to score. A rally ends in a point when:

  1. The ball contacts the ground or isn’t returned to the net in three touches
  2. The ball is hit directly into the rim at any point, including serves
  3. The ball bounces and falls back onto the rim or net

Equipment Needed

You can get involved in the action for a pretty nominal cost by purchasing a hyperloop set. The set includes the rim, netting, ball, and everything else you need to get started. Installation is simple and straight-forward. You’ll be playing in minute, so go on with your bad self!

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