Original Washer Toss

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  • Multiple ways to score – Score 1 to 5 points depending on the hole it lands in or instantly win by landing the washer on the pin
  • Backboard can be used for bank shots to score points
  • Rubber coated washers dampen noise and will not leave indentations in the boards
  • Conveniently store washers on game pin and secure in place with the included cotter pins
  • Washer boards fold flat, nest together and the included rope handles make transportation a breeze

Product Overview

Enjoy a timeless classic, Original Washer Toss, with a new twist for an instant win. Score points traditionally by landing in the washer toss holes or instantly win if the washer lands on a pin! Need a little extra help? Use the backboard to bank shots to score points. This outdoor game is the perfect addition to a family gathering, barbecue, or hangout session. Set includes two washer targets, three black rubber coated washers, 3 gray rubber coated washers and two cotter pins for washer storage and transportation.

Triumph Original Washer Toss

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