Foam Pylo Box


  • Lightly textured vinyl cover
  • Dense foam provides cushion yet retains shape
  • Large height markings
  • Integrated handles
  • Foam core softens landings and helps prevent injuries

Product Overview

The Lifeline Stacking Foam Plyo Boxes are perfectly suited to adjust for progression, different exercises, and various ability levels. The lightly textured, heavy duty vinyl cover provides sure footing and the dense foam has just the right amount of give to protect shins and cushion landings. Use individually or utilize the strong hook and loop flaps on the sides to secure the boxes in a stack. Integrated handles make it easier to adjust or move the boxes. The large landing surface allows you to go for it with a 35.5” wide X 30” deep size. Available in three heights - 6”, 12” and 18”- which can be purchased individually or as a set that allows you to go from 6” to 36” high in 6” increments.
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