Extreme Training Pack


  • Angle of resistance flexibility for exercise variety
  • Lightweight, portable alternative to free weights and machines
  • Constant tension to build muscle and rehab injuries
  • Non-wear cradle reduces cable friction
  • Three interchange cables to customize resistance

Product Overview

Everything you need to train every body part, the Lifeline Extreme Training Pack combines the benefits of resistance training and bodyweight workouts into one comprehensive package suitable for any fitness level. The multiple cables, door anchor and Triple Cable Handles allow for varied resistance levels and angles for complete full body training, which, when combined with the functional strength that the Power Up Chin Up develops, makes for a well-rounded tool that develops strength and flexibility in one convenient carry-all package. Use Lifeline’s resistance training pack allows you to work your full body in multiple planes and to use dynamic exercises like twists, punches and chops to build balanced muscles and increased flexibility. Develop stronger and more powerful chest, shoulder, back and arm muscles with presses, curls, rows and extensions. Boost thigh, glute, hamstring and calf power with squats and lunges. Incorporate from 20lbs – 90lbs of peak weighted resistance by adding or removing cable using Lifeline’s patented Progressive Resistance System. Easily move between upper body, core and lower body exercises by anchoring the Door Anchor up or down; set it high for down ward movements, set it low for upward movements, or center it for presses and rows! Chin ups are one of the best exercises for functional strength; use the portable Power Up Chin Up to targets your lats, arms, shoulders, chest, delts, triceps, biceps and lower and middle traps.
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