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Chest Expander
Increase the range of motion and positioning of flies, pulls, curls and presses to strengthen and stretch pectoral, deltoid and arm muscles. A modern take on the classic tool designed for the original "strongmen" and bodybuilders, this upper body strength training device offers continual resistance and the ability to target specific muscles for rehabbing upper body injuries and creating increased flexible and mobility.
  • Use the Lifeline Chest Expander to add progressive variable weighted resistance to your upper body strengthening programs.
  • Strengthen your upper body; open chest and shoulders with continual resistance
  • Up to 90lb Resistance: Interchange Resistance Cables from 30lbs to 90lbs peak resistance: 30lb + 30lb + 30lb = 90lb weighted peak resistance.
  • Resistance training uses resistance or force to induce muscular contraction, which builds strength and anaerobic endurance. Resistance exercises also help you increase bone density, improve metabolism and decrease your risk of injury.
  • LIFELINE RESISTANCE CABLES - Made using of durable natural latex using Lifeline's Progressive Layering Technology™ to perform better and last longer than common extruded fitness cable. Lifeline’s Resistance Cables provide continuous tension throughout an exercise's entire range of motion to build strength and endurance.