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Recruit by ONIX Pickleball Pure Outdoor Balls
The Recruit by ONIX Pickleball Pure Indoor ball is engineered to offer the best performance of any ball on the market. With pioneering technologies in production and material design, the Pure ball takes performance and the sport of pickleball to another level. Many of the pickleballs available on the market were actually designed to be baseball practice balls and can’t offer the playability demanded by high level pickleball players. The Pure Pickleball offers players a ball that is designed specifically for the sport and offers premium, consistent performance.
  • MEETS TOURNAMENT PLAY STANDARDS – Meet USAPA Requirements for Tournament Pickleball Play
  • CONSISTENT, DURABLE PLAY – Superior Seam Welding Offers Greater Consistency and Durability
  • SUPERIOR FLIGHT AND BALANCE – Perfectly Round Holes Support Superior Flight and Balance
  • TRUEST BOUNCE – Exclusive Material Formula Offers Optimal Elasticity for Truest Bounce
  • CREATED EXCLUSIVELY FOR PICKLEBALL PLAY – Engineered Specifically for Pickleball with Authentic Playability