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Gamemaker 4 x 6 Inflatable Soccer Goal | Save 15%, use code: goal18 at checkout
The Goalrilla Gamemaker Inflatable Futsal Goal with Baroforce Technology is perfect for futsal, beach soccer, or European handball, and it's ready to go anywhere. This incredible, revolutionarily transportable goal fits in an easy-to-carry storage bag and pumps up to full size in 90 seconds. Using incredible Baroforce reinforcement and pump technology, the frame becomes rigid, ready to take anything you can kick out. Baroforce technology allows Goalrilla to hold 1 bar of pressure. There's a flexible interior layer of thermoplastic polymer, a middle layer of high-tenacity yard, and an exterior layer of polymer that stiffens at full pressure. As it fills up, the goal takes shape - use the include weight bags (filled with sand or water) and anchors to hold it into place. When the game is over, use the 2-way pump to quickly flatten your Goalrilla and head out!
  • Portable 4' x 6' Soccer Goal Sets Up on Any Surface in 90 Seconds
  • Maximum Portability with Included Carrying Case- Only 18 Lbs.
  • Baroforce Technology Offers Playability of a Traditional Goal
  • Great for Indoor Facilities, your Backyard, or the Beach
  • Incredibly Durable with 1 Year Limited Warranty