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Arachnid Dartronic 300 Electronic Dartboard
The Arachnid DarTronic Electronic Soft-Tip Dart Game features 18 games with 96 options including four cricket games. The set includes six soft-tip darts and extra tips, mounting hardware, operating manual, and game instructions. The DarTronic offers an 8-player score display, 13” target area, LCD display, and player game scores. Additional features include play on, ranking, single-in/out, double-in/out, sleep mode, and prompt for players to throw. This dartboard is backed by a one-year warranty against defects.
  • Affordable family fun--electronic dartboard featuring 26 games with 115 options (4 Cricket)
  • Interactive Heckler feature praises good shots, offers comical sarcasm for sloppy effort
  • Single in/out, double in/out, play on and ranking, and sleep mode features
  • Backlit LCD display and player game scores; 13-inch target area
  • Includes six soft-tip darts (with extra tips); battery power option (4 AA batteries not included)