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Bocce Shuffleboard Combo Set
Shuffleboard is played with the same strategic moves and countermoves as bocce ball. In bocce ball, you can either knock your opponent, block your opponent, or score points. Shuffleboard bocce works the same way but with each shot the stakes are higher. This winning combination set includes both games! Anchor the triangular shuffleboard target to the ground and with the bocce balls take aim at the 10, 8, and 7 point spaces. You can rack up points quickly (games are played to 75), but beware of the 10-OFF penalty spaces at the back of the triangle. These spaces can work against you quickly! Knocking your opponent’s ball into the 10-OFF spaces is a difficult shot, but adds to the fun. This set also include a palino (target) ball to play traditional bocce. Four red and four blue bocce balls are tinted dark and light so that you can play 1-on-1 singles or 2-on-2 doubles in either game. After playing, conveniently store and transport the set using the drawstring carry bag. The fun lasts even longer with this two-in-one game set!
  • Play the all new bocce shuffleboard combo or traditional recreational bocce
  • Includes eight 90mm diameter, 250g molded bocce balls (four red and four blue)
  • Includes a shuffleboard target with scoring flags and metal anchoring stakes
  • Conveniently store and transport set using drawstring carry bag
  • Bocce set is completed with one 40mm white palino ball