2-Star Spintracker Balls

SKU: T1427

  • STIGA – Since 1944, STIGA has been the innovative table tennis brand. Developing industry leading technologies for its table tennis equipment, STIGA combines superior craftsmanship with exceptional performance in every product. The highest quality equipment for all, from amateur to pro. That’s the STIGA heritage.
  • TRAINING EXCELLENCE – Crafted from high quality ABS material, these table tennis balls help players track and monitor ball rotation and teaches how to generate and counter spin.
  • REGULATION SIZE & WEIGHT – Includes 6 (white) STIGA 2-star (40mm) ITTF regulation size and weight table tennis balls.
  • PRECISE DESIGN – The seamless, perfectly round design means these training table tennis balls offer consistent bounce and spin and are long lasting.
  • MULTI-BALL PACK – This multi-pack is perfect for practice and training.

Product Overview

STIGA Spin Tracker balls are designed to help develop your skills when training. A single black line around the diameter of the ball helps players recognize and anticipate spin from competitors as well as visually identify their own spin. This ball is a great training tool for beginner players that are working toward an intermediate level. Speed and spin are king in competitive table tennis, and STIGA Spin Tracker Balls can help any player take their game to the next level.
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