1-Star Emoji Balls

SKU: T1408

  • Emoji-themed table tennis balls add an extra dose of fun to the game
  • Six 1-star recreational-quality balls for playing with family and friends
  • Emoji faces include laughing, heart eyes, angry, tongue out, startled, and dizzy
  • Serve the yellow emoji face that best reflects the feelings of the game
  • 40 mm ITTF regulation size and weight

Product Overview

STIGA 1-Star Emoji Table Tennis Balls are the perfect set for your family's recreational play. This set includes 6 yellow 1-star table tennis balls with emoji themed faces - (laughing, heart eyes, angry, tongue out, startled, dizzy). These balls meet ITTF regulations for size (40mm) and weight, but are not approved for tournament play. Enjoy table tennis with the entire family with these STIGA Emoji 1-Star Balls.
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