Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball Balls

SKU: KZ31006Y

  • WEIGHTED HEAVIER – Flies straighter in extreme outdoor conditions with True Flight™ Technology
  • CONSISTENT BOUNCE – Shot after shot with Authentic Bounce™ Technology
  • RESISTS SPLITTING – Exceptional seam welding offers greater durability and resists splitting
  • SUPERIOR BALANCE – With strategically aligned, precision-drilled holes
  • SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR PICKLEBALL — Designed and optimized for pickleball
Color: Yellow
Pack Count:

Product Overview

The new Onix Pure 2™ Outdoor Ball is specifically designed and optimized for pickleball, providing the truest flight and most authentic bounce available. Featuring smaller holes and precise weighting, the Pure 2™ delivers optimal rebound on outdoor courts and resists wind interference. This ball offers: True Flight™ Technology, Authentic Bounce™ Technology , Exceptional Durability, and Better Balance.
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