20-Piece Quick Cones


  • Develop faster reaction time
  • Improve linear speed and side-to-side agility
  • Prevent injuries by boosting multiplanar coordination
  • Storage/transport rack
  • Flexible, high-strength plastic won't break if stepped on

Product Overview

PER4M Quick Cones (20pcs per set) help train your fast-twitch muscle fibers for speed and agility while developing the precise body control needed for the quick change of directions that are paramount for peak athletic performances. Train to develop faster reaction time, improve linear speed and side-to-side agility. Variable positioning options allow for shuttle, sprint, lateral and backpedal drills to target the complete lower body musculoskeletal system and achieve multi-directional range of motion in muscles, tendons and stabilizers to avoid injury. Use the 10 different instructional drill cards and links to videos to adapt your training to sport specific movements which can help improve muscle memory and take your game to the next level. PER4M Quick Cones set comes with 20 cones. Each cone is 8” wide X 2” tall and made from flexible, high-strength plastic that won’t break when stepped on.
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