58" Deluxe Carbon Composite Cue - Blue

SKU: P1882B

  • RESISTANT TO WARPING - Straight line composite technology will not warp
  • DELUXE MATERIALS - 13mm carbon/fiber Ferrule with leather tip
  • DURABLE QUALITY - 25mm stainless steel joint
  • SLEEK DESIGN - Features custom rubber bumper
  • MULTIPLE COLORS - Color assortment includes blue, black and burgundy

Product Overview

The Mizerak 58" Deluxe Carbon Composite Cue is a stylish and durable asset to any billiards set. It features a 13mm carbon/fiber ferrule with leather tip, 25mm stainless steel joint and custom rubber bumper. And, with our Straight Line Composite Technology, you will never have to worry about this cue warping.
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