2024 Father's Day Gift Guide

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, the yearly struggle continues. Year by year you ask yourself the same question, “What would Dad want?” Whether it’s Christmas, his birthday, or Father’s Day, the answer is never clear. No worthy suggestions are presented other than the casual, “I’m out of aftershave.” While aftershave sales must go up during these troubling times, there can’t be enough for us all. If your dad is a die-hard athlete or a recreational indulger of sports, read below for gifting inspiration sure to set the bar high for years to come. 

Game Tables
Outdoor Games
Table Tennis
Water Sports


basketball father's day gift guide 2024

Your dad may not be at Michael Jordan level when it comes to basketball, but with practice, who knows? (I mean, we know, but dad doesn’t have to.) Your dad’s rise to total basketball denomination begins with the best equipment. Check below for the best equipment possible to get your supposed “grade school MVP” dad closer to GOAT status.  

Arch Rivals 2 Player Shootout$124.98 $179.99
Arcade Basketball Shootout - $199.99
Titan Shootout - $399.99
Torch$99.98 $299.99
SBX 60" In-Ground Basketball Hoop$999.95 $1199.95

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Father’s Day is a day to celebrate dads for all their accomplishments throughout the past year. So far, your dad has broken countless records and has completed many difficult feats. Some of these include, “Most nights fallen asleep on the couch”, “231 cringey dad jokes made”, and “183 IMessage pool games won.” If only dad was that outstanding at billiards in real life. Read below to shop for new accessories for your dad’s billiards league because he insists that he’s getting better. Perhaps a new cue might help? 



cornhole father's day gift guide 2024

There’s nothing more “father-esque” than a backyard barbeque. It’s basically the Olympics of fatherhood. First, the gathering of the dads to decide who grills the best burgers. Then, the coveted cornhole extravaganza begins. Your dad waits, impatiently I might add, for this every year. His rickety old cornhole set is falling apart, as well as his dreams to be next year’s cornhole champion. Maybe it’s time for a new set? Blow your dad away with a new cornhole set from American Cornhole League, the top rated, most premiere equipment brand. 

Premium 2X3 Cornhole Set - $69.99 $119.99
American Cornhole League Pro Yellow Shag Contrast Cornhole Bags - $89.99
American Cornhole League Rec 2X4 Cornhole Boards - $199.99
2X4 Cornhole Set With Integrated Caddy - $249.99 $299.99
American Cornhole League Pro 2X4 Cornhole Boards - $499.99

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Your dad claims to have dominated the dartboard at his local college bar. Conveniently, you’ve seemed to inherit the same trait. Gifting him a dartboard for Father’s Day will be the perfect excuse to team up and destroy the family at the next event. Let’s leave the one-on-one battle for after Father’s Day, okay? Just protect his ego for one day, then he’s all yours. Check out our premier darting boards and accessories below. 

Steel Tip Dart Set 1.0 - $7.99
12Pk Soft Tip Dart Set - $9.99
Unicorn ELX100 Electronic Dartboard - $24.98 $39.99
Vanquish Dartboard Cabinet Set - $89.98 $119.99
LED Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set - $99.99 $149.99
Blade 6 Dartboard Cabinet - $199.99

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fitness father's day gift guide 2024

What about a home gym for your dad? Besides you’re the reason for his “dad-bod” that he’s always complaining about. “The only six-pack I’ll ever have now is...” well, you get the gist. For our dads who are too busy to sneak off to the gym, a beginner weight set is a great start or even some resistance bands to get their exercise fix from home. A fitness inspired gift for dad also provides a fantastic way to teach younger kids about the importance of exercise. Dads are great role models, so there’s not a lot of people better for them to see working up a sweat. Take a look below for all things fitness that will be sure to give dad some motivation.

Max Flex Cable Kit - $16.99
Kettlebells - $22.92 $32.74
Natural Fitness Roam Folding Yoga Mat - $31.99
Train Station - $54.99
Medicine Ball - $71.99
Jungle Gym XT - $99.99
Resistance Trainer Kit - $146.99
Flat Weight Bench - $148.39 $211.99

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Game Tables

game tables father's day gift guide 2024

Game tables make a great gift to give and receive. They guarantee hours of fun for not just dad but the whole family, too. Game tables are a great investment for any family because of their versatility and durability. Some tables could last a lifetime of fun. While this is a great gift for dad, a game table such as air hockey or foosball gets the whole family involved and there isn’t much sweeter than that. 

Charger Foosball Table - $199.98 $349.99
54" Kirkwood Foosball Table - $409.99
Atomic Azure Foosball Table - $649.99
72" LED Westbrook Air Hockey Table - $599.99
Blazer Air Hockey Table - $749.98 $899.99
Avenger Air Hockey Table - $1,099.99
56" 4-In-1 Swivel Table - $499.99 $549.00
72" 4 In 1 Multi-Game Swivel Table - $549.98
Hampton 3-In-1 Combo Game Table - $1,499.99
Stonebridge 9' Led Light Up Shuffleboard Table - $699.98 $999.99
9' Platinum Shuffleboard Table - $749.99
9' Kirkwood Shuffleboard Table - $899.99

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Outdoor Games

outdoor games father's day gift guide 2024

Father’s Day falls in what most people consider, the peak of the year. It’s summer, the weather is nice but not too hot yet. Family barbeques and birthday parties are still outside until the weather becomes ablaze in later summer months. Outdoor games as gifts for Father’s Day is an exceptional idea for the dad who wants to soak up as much fun in the sun as he can. Below are ideas anywhere from bocce ball to four-square games to ladder toss. 

All Pro 100Mm Bocce Set - $20.98 $79.99
Original Ladder Toss - $34.99 $54.99
Premium Forged Horseshoe Set - $71.99 $89.99
Multi-Sport Combo Net Set - $129.99 $164.99
4 Square Pickleball - $149.99 $189.99

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pickleball father's day gift guide 2024

Pickleball is the United States’ fastest growing sport for many years. It first got it’s start in the older age category but has slowly trickled its way down to parents and kids. With towns all across the United States building their own courts, the pickleball craze is growing exponentially. What a great family-friendly Father’s Day it could be trying a new activity with your dad and his competitive nature. Pickleball might have started within the older crowd, but it's nothing if not competitive. Pick out one of the top-rated paddles and accessories below. 

Fuse Indoor Pickleball Balls - $16.99
Fuse Outdoor Pickleball Balls - $16.99
Composite Evoke Tear Drop Pickleball Paddle - $39.98 $99.99
Stryker 4 Composite Pickleball Paddle - $69.99
Z5 Mod Series Graphite Paddle - $89.99
Evoke Premier Pickleball Paddle - $149.99
Pro Team Pickleball Backpack - $89.99

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Table Tennis

table tennis father's day gift guide 2024

Ready for a table tennis tournament for Father's Day? So are we. Table tennis is a fun and simple pastime for all to enjoy. It serves as a perfect evening activity for families that are looking for the way to quick, simple fun. And dad is always looking for something to dominate. Everything you need for dad's next table tennis tournament is listed below.

Smash Talk 1-Star Balls - $4.99
3-Star White Balls - $6.99
Racket Cover - $16.99
Retractable Net Set - $21.99
Performance 4-Player Set - $39.99
Pro Carbon Racket - $69.99
Carbon+ Bundle - $99.99
Stiga Space Saver - $249.99
XTR Outdoor - $599.99

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Water Sports

water sports father's day gift guide 2024

Summer is here and your boat-loving dad is thinking about nothing other than throwing you kids off the tube. Accessories for the water are always a hit gift for celebrations during this time of the year. Tubes provide adrenaline producing fun and other activities, like paddle boarding, are for the more laid back individuals and for people who want more recreational fun. Paddle boarding is a family friendly activity for families who are just looking to spend some quality time together.

Men's Neo Dynamic Life Vest - $49.98 $69.99
Rhyme Combo Water Skis - $179.99
Hyper 2 Boat Towable Tube - $249.99
Hyper 3 Boat Towable Tube - $299.99
Journey Stand Up Paddle Board - $799.98 $1099.99
Seaglass Stand Up Paddle Board - $899.98 $1199.99
Voyager Stand Up Paddle Board - $1199.98 $1299.99

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One day a year isn't enough to celebrate dads and their impact in our lives, so getting him a gift that can create memories all summer round is important. Your dad might not be the greatest of all time at any sports, but he loves to try. Celebrate well with one of dad's favorite things: Competition.