US Weight - 100 lb. Traditional Weight Set

Model Number: F9100

A perfect set-up for the weighty problems of toning and fitness.

Heavy-duty vinyl weights attach to a patented four-pound, 2-piece straight bar with textured grips, and they won’t rust and stain your floor! The whole kit comes in one box with a colorful label, and includes two 20lb. weights, four 10’s, two 8’s and a couple of locking spring clips. An informative user guide is inside.

Product Features

  • Conveniently packaged in (1) box with full-color label
  • Heavy-duty vinyl weights are floor-friendly and will not rust
  • Set includes: (2) 20 lb. weights, (4) 10 lb. weights, (2) 8 lb. weights, (2) locking spring clips, (1) 4 lb. heavy-duty two-piece straight bar with textured grips and patented design
  • Informative and easy-to-read user guide
100 lb. Traditional Weight Set
  • 100 lb. Traditional Weight Set