Troubleshooting Topics for Harvard

Nothing is working when I complete assembly and plug in the Quarterback Pass Attack. What is wrong?

The problem will be with the two connections which are made using wire P7A. This is the wire that runs through a support tube and connects the front switch to the elecrtonic scoreboard.
Double check both of these connections (one at the front switch and one at the scoreboard itself). First make sure nothing is bent or broken inside any of the plugs. If a metal prong is bent on one of the "male" ends of the plugs, simply straighten it with a pair of needlenose pliers. (Be sure the adapter is not plugged in while doing this).
Next, make sure the little arrows are aligned on each plug at each connection. Finally, push very hard until the connections distinctively "snap" together. If you do not hear a snap, of if the two plugs easily pull apart, they are not connected.
Continue to push very hard until both connections are snapped together. You may have to make several attempts. If there are parts broken inside any of the plugs, you will need to request a new wire (P7A) be sent to you.