Frequently Asked Questions for Table Tennis

Are the rails supposed to extend above the table?

The rails are designed to add extra support, not to protect the sides of the table. The rails should be assembled in the same location, but should extend downward towards the floor.

Could I keep my indoor table outside with a table cover to protect the surface?

This would still expose your table to the extreme atmospheric changes that will cause the table to swell, crack, blister or warp. The cover will only trap the moisture inside to amplify these damages

How big is a Table Tennis Table when in play position?

All of our Table Tennis Tables are regulation size when in the play position. Regulation tables are 5 foot by 9 foot.

My hinges are assembled in the incorrect position. How do I adjust?

Please refer to the video for hinges in the troubleshooting section. Note: Failure to assemble in the assembly position could result in damage to table and void the warranty.

What are your Outdoor Table Tennis Tables made of?

The outdoor models are made from sheets of aluminum glued to a wooden core. The edges of the table tops are aluminum which seals the table from the elements.

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